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doopsis is LIAA Madona business incubator pre-incubation graduate and LIAA Madona business incubator participant. Small idea has grown into big goals, so we are hard at work to:

  • Become a social entrepreneur and take care of nature not only in words but in actions. [Since April 2022. doopsis is a participant of "Academy of Change" which is organized by Social Entrepreneurship Association of Latvia]
  • Make our own sewing workshop in Madona county and make at least one new job opportunity [doopsis have received a co-financing from Madona county business idea contest "Madona var labāk" to make a sewing workshop].
  • Work in developing new products not only for kids, but for mums as well!
  • Make new products in a way to utilize off-cuts from diaper manufacturing process [you can find these zero-waste products in our Etsy store].
  • This bullet point is for ourselves - I want us to do SO good, that we can support Latvian artists and buy fabric designs from them! [for our summer collection we bouht a design from an Ukrainian artist]

If you want to help us to achieve these dreams - look into our shop!

We offer eco-friendly and child-health-friendly reusable cloth diapers!

During the first year of life we use about 2-2.2 thousand disposable diapers for one kid, and most of these products are not biodegradable and end up in a landfill.

With the help of cloth diapers we can drastically reduce the ecological footprint of raising a child. By using cloth diapers You can reduce the effect on environment and the amount of trash stored in landfills. Also, if you use these diapers for your next child, the effect is even bigger.

Doopsis cares about child's health and environment. Therefore, we have decided to become a social entrepreneur and take care about environment and waste reduction!

If you want to help the environment and raise your children responsibly, please look at our store!

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